Security and Responsibility

Maximum security is an obligation. During the registration process, customers are asked to give their name, date of birth and address. This is to prevent minors from gaining access to the gaming products on the website, to avoid betting manipulation or money laundering, and to verify winnings payments. Before a customer's first winnings are paid out, this data is verified against official identity documents before a transfer can be made.

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Payment systems 
In order to safeguard customer data, we use secure and tested encryption technology from VeriSign® when communicating with customers' web browsers. Online transactions are also safeguarded by the extremely reliable payment systems operated by internationally recognized clearing partners who guarantee at least 99.5 per cent availability of their payment systems.

Prevention of gaming addiction 

Entertainment and responsibility
With the specific characteristics of the internet in mind, the Group has set up a joint research project in cooperation with Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance. The aim is to develop a comprehensive package of measures designed to prevent gaming addiction. The use of empirical studies should make it possible to detect conspicuous gaming behavior at an early stage and take countermeasures quickly and individually.
The experience gained during the course of this project is continually incorporated in the design of the gaming products offered by our website.

Corporate Social Responsibility 
We attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. As a member of the Group, we endorse a sustainable corporate policy based on the pillars of economic responsibility, ecological responsibility and social responsibility. We do not consider economic and social responsibility to be incompatible with one another. On the contrary, particularly in the age of the Information Society, entrepreneurial activity depends on social acceptance.

The European Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA) was founded in February 2004 in order to ensure fair market access based on standardised conditions across Europe for all online gaming providers in the EU.
Standards were developed for this purpose, with we making a substantial contribution in its role as founding member. All EGBA members have committed themselves to fully implement the guidelines set forth in the "Code of Conduct". For the sake of consumer interests, independent inspection bodies regularly verify compliance with the provisions, which comprise numerous security aspects, responsible gaming activities, the protection of minors, fraud control, and fair, non-misleading advertisement.
Further information on EGBA and the "Code of Conduct" is available at

We together with EGBA (European Gaming & Betting Association) founded the European Sports Security Association (ESSA) in January 2005. This move was prompted by what is known as the Hoyzer affair: At the time, the state-owned German betting provider Oddset lost millions through manipulated football games due to a lack of control mechanisms. The outcome of each game was decided by blatant mistakes on the part of the goalkeeper and the team's defence. 
The objective of ESSA is to offer customers a fair sports betting product by preventing insider bets and betting fraud. 
Using large-scale databases, ESSA is in a position to preventively recognise in real time, whether sports events could have been manipulated and, in the event of manipulation, to pass on this information to sports organisations promptly and unbureacratically. 
More details on this non-profit organisation are available at 

Participation in the we gaming offer is only allowed to persons 18 years of age or older. In order to prevent any abuse, please keep your access data (user ID, password, question-answer combination) in a safe place.