How to place bet

The following detailed instructions will guide you in placing a successful bet.

Once a user’s account is fully funded, he/she can start placing bet. The first step is to click on any sport you like under “Sports Menu”, which will show all the available sports leagues under that particular sport as shown below. In this scenario, I click on “AMERICAN FOOTBALL”.


From the leagues shown, click on the league you want to bet a game on, which will then display all the available games or events under the league that one can place a bet on. In this scenario, I clicked on “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-NFL”.

By Default, “All” types of bets for each game available will be displayed as seen on the previous image, which has “All” highlighted. To choose the type of bet a user wants, click on any of the options on the top: In this scenario, I clicked on “Versus”, which then displayed the basic betting type where a user bets on who wins as seen below.


In some cases, especially Football, clicking on “Versus (with Draw)” will displayed the basic betting type where a user bets on who wins or if the game will be drawn as seen below.


To place a bet, click on any of the numbers beside the game you want to bet on. These numbers are called “Odds”, which are scientifically determined by us. The first listed number (Odd) corresponds to the First Team, while the last listed number (odd) corresponds to the Second Team. In some case like football, under “Versus (with Draw)” bet type, the middle listed number (Odd) correspond to a Draw. When a user places a bet, his/her potential winnings are calculated by multiplying the odd and the amount being staked.

In this scenario, going back to American Football-NFL, I placed a bet on Cleveland Browns to win over Dallas Cowboys by clicking on the last listed number (Odd), 4.06, besides the sports game or event. The bet is then added to the Betting Slip where the user then enters the amount he/she wants to stake. In this case, I entered 200 which lead to my potential winning to be 812 (i.e. 4.06*200).

At this stage, a user can add up to 10 bets to the betting slip or just proceed and click on “preview” and then click on “Submit Ticket”. A user can delete each bet or Ticket. Once a Ticket is submitted, it’s irreversible.


After the Ticket is submitted, a user can has the options of printing the ticket or saving it to the computer. Always make sure to write down your Ticket number.