About us is a leisure and entertainment website owned and operated by Parallel Games Global Links Limited RC -999156. Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike in any part of Africa and indeed the entire world can take part in sports betting based on fixtures as published by the various sports governing bodies. team has more than 4 years’ experience of professional online gambling and sports bookmaking development for clients worldwide. We provide full-cycle services in the area of custom gaming software development. We are group of developers based in Nigeria, and in the United States. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to achieve excellence by providing the best gaming experience to our prospective members.

We stand by our mission to provide the affordable products in the industry. We perform extensive daily research on the market, analyze new features and technology, and implement them to grow our software - resulting in a dynamic platform after four years of continuous development.

But, our strength doesn't end with our flawlessly designed products. We look for long-term relationships with our customers and partners, because we understand that your success is our success, too. By working closely with experts in the industry worldwide, we're proud to have realized rapid growth for ourselves and for our customers.

Our customers enjoy our dedicated, three-tier support team, which is on duty 24/7 and ready to assist with any concern. From software development to technical assistance, we are proud of our history of excellence and customer loyalty.

We understand that security is one of the cornerstones of our business model. The more secure and stable the application, the better the relationship with our customers and partners. That's why we work hard to ensure that our system, your gaming transactions and your server match our high standards of security. We release security updates every month, and in critical cases we implement same-day solutions when any vulnerability is detected. team experience starts from the moment you partner with us and a tested, powerful sports betting application that delivers results to your maximum satisfaction. We provide you with the tools to let you do what you do best.

We don't cut corners, we don't outsource, and we don't give excuses. Our attentions to detail mean that you get nothing less than top quality bookmaker software.