True and Fair statement



1.1. A player’s account with 1960sportsbook is strictly personal and not transferable. It is not allowed to have more than 1 account on this website. If in violation with above rule, all accounts will be closed immediately and the balance will be confiscated. In case of suspicion of unfair play, manipulation of information or giving up of false data, the entire balance will be frozen immediately. Also it is not permitted to transfer payments to third party accounts.
1.1.1. To be able to play with 1960sportsbook there is a minimum age requirement of 18.
1.1.2. The player must see to it, that he/she is living in a country where betting through the internet is allowed by law. Players who are living in a country where this is not allowed are requested to only make use of the free games.
1.2. A player who is using the games by 1960sportsbook is entirely in agreeance with the terms which are set out in the regulations.
1.3. It is not allowed to “exchange” ; the excessive revaluing of funds in order to pay out funds without using our services, most of all with the goal to expand funds by transferring funds through a credit card.
1.4. In case of faults in the software, neither the provider nor third parties who offer the games can be held responsible for possible damages. Payments that are done by players during games with possible defaults or not proper functioning games will not be honored. The decisions to pay out or not are taken by the provider and are not subject to appeal.
1.4.1. In case of a new or not mentioned situation which affects the affiliate program and/or these terms, the board of 1960sportsbook will decide on this matter.
1.5. Only registered players of 1960sportsbook are considered up for bonuses.
1.5.1. If 1960sportsbook finds that a player or group of players is taking advantage of a special promotion, 1960sportsbook reserves the right to deny the player(s) participation in the promotion.
1.5.2. If 1960sportsbook finds that certain activities of a player or group of players can be seen as abuse of using our platform and promotions, 1960sportsbook reserves the right to take precautions that are set out hereafter with regards to certain players. All winnings and deposits on the 1960sportsbook accounts of the certain player(s) to be declared void and ongoing payments will be canceled. The account of a certain player can be closed with immediate effect.
1.6. Players that have been involved in the abuse of promotions at any time are no longer allowed to participate in promotion campaigns of 1960sportsbook.
1.6.1. 1960sportsbook reserves the right to deny certain players admittance to any or all activities by 1960sportsbook.
1.6.2. 1960sportsbook reserves the right to stop a promotion campaign at any time without prior notice.
1.6.3. 1960sportsbook reserves the right to deny player(s) pay out of a bonus or to participate in a bonus program without reason.
1.7. 1960sportsbook reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of her offers without prior notice. It is the player(s) own responsibility to be kept informed regularly of possible changes.
1.8. In case of a technical default player(s) could be asked for identification of some kind.
1.8.1. Payment requests that are for whatever reason older than 6 months will not be taken into account and the balance will be confiscated.
1.8.2. Player(s) is/are responsible for filling in the correct information and keeping his own username a secret. If player(s) choose(s) to give a third party access to his personal information, the possible damage will be for the player(s).
1.9. In case of a dispute, decisions by 1960sportsbook are definite and binding.


2.1. A starter’s bonus and other bonuses are offered by 1960sportsbook in good faith to the player to practice playing with genuine funds.
2.2. To be able to participate for the starters’ bonus, player(s) need(s) to register with 1960sportsbook and put down a first deposit.
2.2.1. In case of using Free play bonuses/coupons or other promotions that offer a bonus, the credits won can only be paid after you have made a deposit. Without any deposit the free balance will stay property of 1960sportsbook.
2.2.2. When making a deposit, identification may be requested.
2.2.3. The starters’ bonus/promotion is limited to one bonus per player/IP address or credit card. If more players have the same IP address and/or credit card, only the first registered player will be offered a starters bonus. There are no exceptions to this rule.
2.2.4. All profits that you have gained with the bonus can be paid out (with exception of the free play bonus/promotion unless a offered promotion) by Moneybookers.
2.2.5. The starters’ bonus can equals 100% of your first deposit.
2.2.6. Your bonus will be available when your credits won have all been played.
2.2.7. Upon payment an outstanding bonus will be declined.
2.2.8. If you have already registered at 1960sportsbook and have received your starters’ bonus, you are no longer up for the same bonus.
2.2.9. The starters’ bonus cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions by 1960sportsbook.
2.3. All our bonus/promotion rules are explained by our F.A.Q. every user should handle to these rules.
2.4. 1960sportsbook reserves the right to change the stipulations of the terms with regards to these offers without prior notice.


3.1. Sport services should be used in accordance with the general accepted rules as described in our “rules for sport services” and any other page regarding events or games (“rules”). We advise you to carefully read these rules.


4.1. We reserve the right to use symbols and abbreviations like (1, X, 2) to indicate the results of the bets. We will at any moment keep a help part at the sport services that will inform you of the different types of bets and conditions. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the exact details of each type of bet that you place. All additional information that is placed above or under the events and odds-summary, is part of the rules for the specific event, and has priority over the terms in case of discrepancies. We advise you to carefully read this information.


5.1. We reserve the right to restrict the maximum amount allowed per single or multiple bet.


6.1. The maximum allowed per deposit is 500, 000 Naira, while the minimum amount allowed per withdrawal by members is 1000 Naira, and the maximum allowed is 500,000 Naira at once.


7.1. Bets must be placed through sport services.
7.1.1. A bet is valid after confirmation or acceptance by our external servers. Acceptance is cleared when the transaction code of the bet appears on the screen. When a bet is placed and accepted, the amount due will be taken out of your account. Bets that have been accepted cannot be changed or cancelled.
7.1.2. When you place a bet, you confirm you have no inside information with regards to the event you placed a bet on.
7.1.3. We reserve the right to invalidate any bet that has been accepted accidentally when your account does not cover the bet.
7.1.4. All bets must be placed and accepted prior to the start of said event. Any bets placed and received after the start of the event, are invalid unless it is clear to start after the event. (Live betting outrights).
7.1.5. In the case of live betting, transmitted television images or information leading to incorrect pricing of a bet, immediately after selected player/team has gained a profit, 1960sportsbook reserves the right to cancel the bet, irrespective if this has been won or lost.
7.1.6. If an event has been cancelled and annulled, the said selection neutral decimal odds of one (1) will be allocated. In case of an individual bet, the deposit will be refunded. In case of multiple bets consisting of bets on valid events with winning prognoses and bets on one or more cancelled events, the multiple bets are seen as won, but the accumulated odds for the cancelled events will be corrected.
7.1.7. Multiple bets will not be accepted if the sum of a part of the bet equals the sum of another part.
7.1.8. We reserve the right to change, stop, dismiss or add with immediate effect any sport service without prior notice, and 1960sportsbook will not be held responsible for any action.


8.1. To take away any doubt whatsoever, we note herewith that in case your account currency changes during the time of a bet, possible profits will be paid in the newly changed currency with current currency exchanges.


 9.1. The account name and password that you have chosen on application of your membership cannot be announced to third parties. The responsibility for the safety of your account name and password lies entirely with you. You agree to keep your account name and password secure and not to be used by third parties. Any person that identifies himself by using a correct username and password, are seen by 1960sportsbook as the rightful account holder and all transactions where a correct username and password are used, will be seen as valid. In no case 1960sportsbook is responsible for loss or damages that occur as a result of unauthorized use or abuse of your log-in data. 1960sportsbook is not obliged to familiarize with account names and passwords. In case you lose your username or password, we request you to contact us for a new one. In case you cannot find or have lost your username or password by another cause and not by fault of 1960sportsbook, we cannot be held responsible.


10.1. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding unfair play and fraudulent activities. If 1960sportsbook is of the opinion that you have mislead or have tried to deceive 1960sportsbook and/or a group of other users in any way, this including manipulation of the game, payment fraud, currency fraud, or if 1960sportsbook suspects you of fraudulent payments, including the use of stolen credit cards or any other fraudulent activities, (rebooking of payments) or forbidden transactions (laundering of funds), or if your deposits are not honored by your bank, 1960sportsbook reserves the right to close or suspend your account and collect payments by any legal method available, including but not withstanding the debiting of your account, instructing a debt collector. This may have negative consequences for your credit worthiness and will make it necessary for us to publish your personal information, identification to the appropriate authority.

1960sportsbook reserves the right to cancel withhold all profits from each person or group and all standard playing points gained by each person or group, if 1960sportsbook has reasonable grounds to suspect that said person, or group have the intention to cheat or do harm to 1960sportsbook in any way.

1960sportsbook does not allow communication canals available within the services and/or platforms for offering products and services to third parties or recommending certain products, this is in the interest of protection of information, security and the prevention of fraud. It is utterly forbidden to place information or contact our customers to offer products or services in any way.


11.1. To ensure a high level of security and integrity within the system, 1960sportsbook  reserves the right to have a security check  on your identity, age and registration information at any time, and to verify the use of our services, including, but not only restricted to the verification of maintaining this agreement and the policy of the group and the control of the financial transactions that you exercise through the services for possible violation of these agreements and the laws that herewith apply to. As such you authorize 1960sportsbook and our agents to gather information about you for our use, and to submit this information to each third party that you have granted or to grant us, in accordance with these agreements would like to validate, including but notwithstanding the application for a credit report and or verify the information against third party databases. Above all you will agree to offer us any information and documents to make this security check possible.


12.1. In case of any mistakes in your account, you should immediately inform 1960sportsbook, that are in relation to calculations on a bet or match that you have placed, or any currency exchanges. In case of such mistake, a system failure or technical trouble (a default from the normal functioning of the game logic for whatever reason), that results in a mistake in the calculation of odds, costs, rake, bonuses or any other currency exchange, whichever applies as (“mistake”), 1960sportsbook strives to place all parties back into the positions they held prior to the mistake. We reserve the right to place all bets that were exposed to such mistake, to zero or non-existing or withdrawing funds from your account in the event of insufficient funding in your account, to claim outstanding amounts relating to the bets to be repaid. In any circumstances whereby we (are of notion) to determine that a mistake is used to gain an unfair advantage, we reserve the right to declare this activity as null and void and closing of accounts to these terms.


13.1. Your account balance is the amount of real funds in your account (if present), plus or minus gained profits or losses that result from the use of services, minus rakes or subscription funds or other costs, if applicable, and reduced with amounts that have been withdrawn earlier by you or amounts that have been cancelled or reclaimed by 1960sportsbook because of presumed fraud or because of  deposits or other transactions that have been refused or cancelled by your bank or other relevant banks (as a result of insufficient funding or other reasons), refunds for inactive accounts (see paragraph 4 hereunder) or amounts that are deductible of cancelled under these agreements (“account balance”).
13.2. Acceptance of requests to pay out is subject to restrictions of method of deposit, bonus restrictions and/or security controls (see paragraph 11) and all other stipulations of these agreements. All amounts that you withdraw are subject to transaction limits and processing fees for deposits and withdrawal methods of which 1960sportsbook will inform you about before you withdraw funds. Please consult or visit for more details concerning the present deposit- and withdrawal options and the costs incurred.
13.3. Amounts that exceed the maximum amount of 500, 000 Naira per month will be refunded into your account.
13.4. All gains within the platform of 1960sportsbook that are higher than the amount registered in your account balance, can be withdrawn in terms of each consecutive calendar month in conformance with the above condition until the whole amount is paid. This condition does also apply to the gains from progressive jackpots.
13.5. Further 1960sportsbook can withhold and report any amount resulting from profits to co-operate to said laws. All taxes owed in connection with your paid out profits are entirely your own responsibility. Account balances are non-transferable, cannot be switched for another price. Payments of funds that you withdraw will be through cheque, credit card and/or any other method that we choose, although we try to take into account your wishes you stipulated upon registration.
13.6. Payments will be made as soon as this is reasonably possible (whereby you should take into account the internal processing time of maximum 4 working days), despite of possible delays due to security controls (see paragraph 10 and 11), that we maintain, and in case of circumstances in which we contain certain payments in agreements with these terms. A player can start initiating a withdrawal after a month of placing his/her first bet.


14.1. If you do not use your account by logging into your account with your account name and password and (i) place cash bet through the service, or (ii) make a deposit, whatever is the case, during a consecutive period of 180 days, then after the 180 days (the intermission period) your account will be considered as ‘inactive’? 
14.2. As soon as your account is known to be inactive, 1960sportsbook is authorized to charge you for administrative affairs. We can debit an amount of your account balance up to the fee for an inactive account on the day following the end of a forbearance period and subsequently every 30 days hereafter in accordance with the fee schedule for inactive accounts. If we state that your account is inactive during a period of 18 consecutive calendar months, we are authorized to withhold all funds in your account and to close your account in order to protect our funds. You may contact us at any given time to claim back your funds.
14.3. The fee for an inactive account amounts to 200 Naira for reactivation.
14.4. 1960sportsbook will cancel deduction of the fee for an inactive account of your account balance when your account is activated by a deposit or cash bet, or after closure of your account as mentioned according to 14.2.


15.1. You have the right to close your account with prior notice of seven (7) days and to end this agreement by withdrawing your entire account balance and sending an email or letter to 1960sportsbook, or calling us using the information in “Support”. We will respond within reasonable time, if you take full responsibility for your account until the termination has been effected by 1960sportsbook.
15.2. We take cautious playing very serious. In case you wish to terminate your account with relation to cautious playing you can send an email to and we will close your account as soon as possible.
15.3. Without restrictions of the stipulations in paragraph 1.5 and 1.6 we are authorized to terminate these agreements seven (7) days after notice to you on the email address you provided us. In case of termination by us, we will inform you of the intended termination via email and refund the balance of your account to you at our earliest convenience, unless termination is effected on reasons stipulated in paragraph 1.5 and 1.6. In case of termination on the grounds stipulated in paragraph 1.5 and 1.6, bonuses and gains in your account will be cancelled.
15.4. Termination of these agreements has no effect on ongoing bets or games, provided they are valid and in no way effect these agreements.
15.5. The following paragraphs of these stipulations will be valid after termination of these agreements by one or more parties: 1, 2, 10, 11 and 12, together with all other paragraphs necessary for interpretation.


16.1. When opening an account with a debit or credit card using any of our payment systems, you must make sure that you use your own card. We are entitled to assume that you are. There will be no refunds whatsoever if your username, password or banks account information as verified by your bank have been entered correctly (whether or not authorized by you).
16.2. 1960sportsbook allows all its customers to choose their own username and password combination. Customers must keep this information secret and confidential as you are responsible for all bets/wagers placed on your account and any other activities taking place on your account and no refunds shall be granted in such events.
16.3. You agree that using our Website whilst located within the United States (and its territories and dependencies) and any other jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to use our Website or from where we have restricted access to our Website is strictly prohibited and that no winnings or refunds shall be paid to you in respect of any products or services used whilst you are located within the United States or any such other jurisdiction. We have the right to terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future bets or game play if we suspect or know that you have played on our Website whilst located within the United States or any such other jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to use our Website or from where we have restricted your access.


17.1. In case you have complaints, claims or disputes with relation to a result regarding the services or other activities, you should submit your complaint as soon as possible after the date of the original transaction. Complaints can be sent by email to or using our support website, which is


18.1. The delivery conditions are regarded as accepted and signed when the player registers at 1960sportsbook to open an account and/or plays a bet with genuine funds.